MARCH 6th – April 9th 2013

The Sheltermaker Tour ended like it began – gently, bathed in a dream quality that was rich with inspiration.

Sheltermaker talks about Invisible Architecture
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Events proceeded like clockwork, from the first gig to the last.

There was a new openness in people that was evident from the beginning.

I took full advantage of this!

Invisible Architecture was a hot topic!

Sheltermaker makes a point
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

I could tell immediately that my time away from Ireland had furnished me with a new forcefulness!

Suddenly, I was a foreigner – I could say what I wanted and get away with it!

‘The most eye opening event I’ve attended in a long while’

Cian Walsh’s comment on the UCC talk!

Sheltermaker demonstrates the principles of passive solar design
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

I could feel the Sheltermaker Theatre taking shape at each new gig I presented.

Listening to shakuhachi music on the road helped keep me calm.

This was good – it was all so exciting!

Getting ready to raise a frame wall
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

The first hands-on workshop quickly revealed the power of the sheltermaker gene!

People were buzzing, myself included.

‘Thank you lovely man’ Rachael

Willie shows how easy and fun the wall raising can be at the Cahir Workshop!
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Along with the seriousness of it all there was plenty of craic!

‘Dreamy’ is the only way I can describe it.

Workshop participants Rachael & Stella display the mood at the gig
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

The women, as usual, were fully conversant with the empowerment sheltermaking conferred.

Sheltermaker reveals the secrets of the peter-post
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Peter-post were knocked up in jig time and floorbeams appeared out of nowhere.

It was ‘living’ architecture at its best!

Getting hands-on with peter-post making at the Cahir Workshop
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Life smothered us in feelgood and we responded appropriately.

Launch of The Sheltermaker’s Manual, Sheelagh-na-Gig Bookshop & Café, Cloughjordan
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

In Cloughjordan I was welcomed with open arms, minds and hearts.

Sheltermaker says a few words at the launch of his Sheltermaker’s Manual
Sheelagn na Gig Bookshop & Cafe
Co. Tipperary
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

The book launch made me realise that I could now focus on the Sheltermaker Theatre!

This is the new vehicle for the efficient delivery of Sheltermaker’s message …

‘Live your architecture and life will follow on behind!’


Due to unprecedented demand the first print run has sold out!

Reprinting is currently underway and both volumes will be available again shortly.

Walnut Books at Sheelagh na Gig Bookshop & Café, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary still have some in stock if you’re quick!

Cloughjordan EcoVillage Workshop
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

‘Eco-building On A Shoestring’ was another popular subject.

Frugality, it seems is the new cool.

Cloughjordan Workshop participants get a tour of the eco-village
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

The Cloughjordan eco-village appeared to be lost in time, marooned in a ocean of unfulfilled promise.

Peter Cowman and attendees at the Leitrim Village presentation
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

In Leitrim the focus was firmly on The Here&Now & on Fighting The Frackers.

The Rape of The Earth – coming to a shale gas field near you.

The EconoSpace frame takes shape inside the Gyreum!
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

In the shadow of Carrowkeel magic happened!

We built an EconoSpace frame inside the Gyreum!

‘A fantastic weekend – I changed my view on life and living’ Eamonn Price

Raising the roof at the Gyreum
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Suddenly the Sheltermaker’s message sounded particularly clear.

It was life that was complicated – building was easy!

Invisible Architecture, Dublin
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Dublin too opened its door and welcomed me in.

The rapt audience at the Invisible Architecture presentation, Dublin
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Again, it was Invisible Architecture which captured imaginations.

‘Peter – thanks for the workshop last week. It was really great and I enjoyed it very much. It was great to be around people who believe in self-building and know it is possible and also who realise there is an alternate way of looking at architecture and how we shelter ourselves in an eco-friendly way.’

Shane Gibney

Fascination and absorption at the Inchicore Workshop
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

At the Workshop everyone fell under the EconoSpacemaking spell!

Sheltermaker extols the virtues of clay
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

The small inner-city backyard had space aplenty for dreaming!

Making note of everything said at the Inchicore Workshop
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

My good friend Gerard Greene revealed the magic of natural paintmaking.

All hands on deck for clay-straw making
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Clay-straw mixing was a big hit.

Inchicore Workshop participants with their sheltermaking genes awoken!
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

As usual, the Clay Mother delivered the goods.

A good time was had by all.

Completed 2 storey Actual House


Plans are now being hatched for a 10 day Sheltermaking Festival to take place in Ireland during the summer of 2014. The emphasis will be on hands-on activities and on pushing the currently constricted alternative living boundaries outwards!


Eco-Building On A Shoestring

Alternative Energy Systems



Natural Paintmaking

Fire Cooking

Invisible Architecture

Wattle & Daubing


Rainwater Harvesting


How-to Haggle & Barter

Bike Maintenance & Trailer Making

Consciousness Raising

Straight Talking

Song & Dance



Film Screenings

Plus lots more!

If you want to contribute/participate, etc. let me know HERE

Hands-on Sheltermaking


Co. Leitrim, Ireland 2014

The Sheltermaker Summer School will take place during the summer of 2014 near Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. Participants will have the opportunity to not only learn essential Sheltermaking theory but also to get hands-on with affordable eco-building activity. Local camping will be available.


Timber framing utilising the unique and proven peter-post system; Compost Toilet Construction; Alternative Energy System Design & Construction; Permaculture-based Food Production; Landcare; Connecting With Country; Rocket Stove Design & Construction; Plus Lots More!

If you want to participate or to be kept informed, send me a message from HERE