Enda Finlay is building himself an EconoSpace prior to building himself a house. Here is what he has to say …

“Our purpose for building the 10sqm EconoSpace was to provide us with an indoor space during the construction of our house. We also are looking forward to its future use as a summer house, guest bedroom, artist’s room, etc. We’re building the 10sq design. The plans were easy to follow and the simple innovations, such as the bench and the jig meant that manufacturing the main part was achievable. I love the bench and the jig ideas, once all the measurements have been sorted it becomes a really effective production line, very good systematic thinking!

Initially we will be using it as a site office/storage for tools, etc whilst we build our house…we won’t be living in it but using it as a refuge from the south-westerly wind and rains! Further down the line we’ll probably complete the internal walls.

It was great putting the pieces in places…a family and friends occasion too…possibly going to use sheeps wool insulation or some other reasonably priced sustainable one…I don’t have a good supply of marly-type clay for light straw…although we would eventually like to do the internal walls like that…

These are very adaptable spaces and structures, enthusiasm, hard work and a bit of skill will ensure your EconoSpace will evolve as you evolve.”



EconoSpace frame under construction

EconoSpace frame under construction



A 63 page A4 fully illustrated Manual detailing how to design and construct your unique, low-cost EconoSpace.

Over 2 hours of Video Instruction offering invaluable insights into the design and construction processes:

  • Basic
  • Configuring Your
  • EconoSpaceMaking –
  • EconoSpaceMaking
  • Making
  • Measurement, Drawing &
  • Peter-Post
  • Railway Sleepers, Floor Beams & Foundation
  • Setting
  • The
  • The
  • The Roof
  • Wall


Model Templates, allowing you to design and assemble your EconoSpace in miniature before constructing it full size Working drawings for 10sqm and 25sqm EconoSpaces – all the information you need to create your unique building:

  • 10sqm EconoSpace Drawings.pdf
  • 25sqm EconoSpace Drawings.pdf
  • EconoSpace 1-50 Models.pdf
  • Furniture & Equipment.pdf
  • WD10.pdf
  • WD25.pdf


Supplementary Texts

  • Drawing Worksheet.pdf
  • Drawings & Models .pdf
  • EconoSpace Worksheets.pdf
  • Exempted Development.pdf
  • Planning.pdf
  • Schedule 2- Planning Reg 2001.pdf
  • Sharo’s Studio.pdf
  • Site Selection & Analysis.pdf
  • Surveying.pdf
  • Timberfile.pdf

EconoSpaceMakers can also participate in a dedicated online Forum where they can exchange ideas and information and help each other make their EconoSpaces happen.




£80 postage paid to any UK address


€90 postage paid to any European & Rest of the World address


AUD$120 postage paid to any Australian address


USD$120 postage paid to any US address


Sheltermaker reveals the secrets of the peter-post

Sheltermaker reveals the secrets of the peter-post during a LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Course

LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Courses

Want an EconoSpace but are daunted by the task of building one yourself?

Then organise a LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Course!

What’s involved in that?

LIVE Courses consist of ‘The EconoSpaceMaking Host’ [the person who wants the EconoSpace] purchasing the EconoSpaceMaking Course DVD, developing their design, preparing the site, setting up the workshop, organising materials, etc. as detailed on the DVD and in consultation with Peter Cowman. A date is then agreed for the LIVE Course [this can happen over a weekend … 2 or 3 days is good]. The Host then promotes the LIVE Course locally and manages bookings. A poster and publicity material is provided by the Living Architecture Centre to assist with this promotion and the event is also publicised through the LAC website.

Peter Cowman then comes and facilitates the LIVE EconoSpaceMaking! This includes not only sharing his considerable expertise on practical matters but also sharing his knowledge and understanding of the more obscure, but equally important, ‘living’ aspects that always surface in any eco-building project.

Getting ready to raise a frame wall at a LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Course during the Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Getting ready to raise a frame wall at a LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Course during the
Sheltermaker Tour 2013

During the LIVE Course participants make and erect the components of the EconoSpace as well as receiving instruction on design, window and door framing; insulation and cladding options; natural finishes; alternative energy systems; Living Architecture; etc.!

This is a fabulous way not only to get an EconoSpace erected and explore the myriad dimesnsion of eco-building – but it’s also a great way to garner volunteers who continue to be involved in the construction process!

To find out more contact Peter Cowman at the LAC

All hands on deck for clay-straw making Sheltermaker Tour 2013

All hands on deck for clay-straw making during a LIVE EconoSpaceMaking Course

Sheltermaker Tour 2013


Sheltermaker demonstrates the principles of passive solar design Sheltermaker Tour 2013

Sheltermaker demonstrates the principles of passive solar design
Sheltermaker Tour 2013