Yoga. Meditation. Daydreaming. Making&Doing. Music. Writing. Painting. Romantic Dalliance. Relaxing – there’s no end to what you can do in a Garden ecoShed!
Discover how to create one for yourself – no planning permission required!

Workshop 1 of this two part event will focus on design – turning ideas into reality – while Workshop 2 will concentrate of construction.

These Workshops will be held at The Organic Centre, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim

The Gyreum EconoSpace nestled into its surroundings

The Gyreum EconoSpace nestled into its surroundings


These stand-alone Workshops are also interlinked, the one naturally leading on from the other.
Participants who plan on attending both Workshops will have the opportunity, in between the sessions, to survey the planned location of their ecoShed and to investigate the logistics of either constructing their ecoShed themselves and/or of working with others.
The Workshops will focus on the design and construction of single storey buildings up to 25sqm in area which can be constructed in the average back garden without planning permission.
To get an idea of what’s possible check out The EconoSpace.
Both Workshops will be supported with comprehensive Handouts.
There is no requirement for participants at either Workshop to build or to wish to build anything.



Saturday April 6th 2019
10am – 4pm

The importance of developing a comprehensive design.
Capturing ideas and getting them down on paper.
Thinking about the place, the budget, the people, the materials, the products and the skills that will be combined to create an ecoShed design perfectly suited to your needs.
The Planning situation.
Assembling design information.
Selecting and assessing a suitable site.

Getting hands-on with peter-post making at the Cahir Workshop

Getting hands-on with peter-post making at the Cahir Workshop


Saturday May 4th 2019
10am – 4pm

How your ecoShed design is to be constructed.
Practicalities – site set up; tools; materials; procedures; skills; resources; sequencing; labour; timeframes; foundations; framing; services; finishing; etc.
Participants at this Workshop who have not attended Workshop 1 and who intend on constructing an ecoShed should bring with them comprehensive design information as outlined for Workshop 1.
Looking for ideas? Check out The EconoSpace.