The Living Architecture HeadSpace

Presented by Peter Cowman BArch., Living Architecture Centre director
Part of Green Door 2017 Sunday 1st October

Leitrim Sculpture Centre
Co. Leitrim
11am-5pm (Peter will be in attendance from 2-5pm with special guest Rubberband Ray and his pop-up yurt!)

The brainchild of eco-architect and educator Peter Cowman, the Living Architecture HeadSpace is a scale model of a building which facilitates us in directly experiencing the power of space and time to unlock the potential of our lives.
Based on a design that was revealed to Peter in a dream, the HeadSpace echoes ancient theories about how architecture can function as an incubator for the future by providing an ideal context for the living of the lives we were born to live.
With its potent concoction of reality, dream and possibility, the HeadSpace challenges us to redefine our selves by examining how buildings influence the identity we project onto the world and by inviting us to reimagine our buildings and our selves in a form closer to the truth of who we are inside.
By looking at buildings from a fresh perspective we can stimulate the awareness that we are an integral part of a dynamic universe largely invisible to our physical senses.
Designing and constructing buildings in this consciousness activates our life-affirming rational and intuitive faculties, helps us balance the physical and metaphysical aspects of our lives and offers the intriguing possibility of reclaiming our time and our space as a means of satisfying our longing for a deep, natural and meaningful connection with life.
Practical, lighthearted, inspiring and challenging, the HeadSpace pushes open the doors of perception, offering tantalising insight into how best we can shape the future we are destined to live.

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