Research & Collaboration Residency
LSC & The Glens Centre
Co. Leitrim

LAC Studio3

I intend to apply for this programme based on my Living Architecture & Sheltermaking practices.
To this end I am seeking a collaborative partner.

My contribution to the collaboration will be based on my recent work which explores what I refer to as the ‘Invisible Architecture of the Dwelling Place‘.
This refers to aspects of dwellings which cannot be seen but which have a palpable affect on and are influenced by, not only the dwellers but also by the wider environment within which the dwelling is located.
Such aspects – space, time, identity, purpose and consciousness – to name but a few, all fall within this invisible realm.
These are the source of the power which a consciously designed, constructed and located building can generate by furnishing an ideal context within which meaningful life events can be incubated and enjoy a natural unfolding.

I have been exploring this invisible realm in my recent work in the form of ‘The Sheltermaker Theatre‘.
This approach employs interactive techniques allowing participants to connect with invisible aspects of themselves as a means of gaining an understanding of how to engage with architecture as a means of supporting a consciously lived life.

A collaborative partner might be an actor, a filmmaker, a philosopher/writer, a stage director, a playwright, etc. – someone prepared to bring their own skills and insights to the proposed engagement, someone who can assist in the distillation and meaningful rendering of the fascinating concept that the built environment can play a significant and liberating role in a person’s life. No background in architecture is needed for this potential collaboration to be a success.

I envisage an outcome in the form of a performance piece, an interactive workshop or, possibly, a film. In essence, what I imagine this will be is an effective delivery mechanism for an awakening message regarding the hidden potential of architecture, in particular the architecture of the dwelling place, to offer people a means of consciously engaging with a world in the process of profound change.
However, I am open to whatever possibilities emerges from the collaboration.

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This video, prepared for a Garden EcoShed online presentation at the Organic Centre, Co. Leitrim gives one an idea what I’m exploring with the Invisible Architecture.


The Sheltermaker’s Journey was a theatre-inspired interactive workshop that encouraged people to act out their sheltermaking dreams. Very popular!


In 2019 I was invited to the Mud City of Yazd in central Iran to collaborate with a local architect there and to present some of my Living Architecture & Sheltermaking concepts to his architectural students.


In 2017, as part of the Leitrim Green Door event, I published under a Creative Commons license The Sheltermaker Design Programme.
This is a summary of the design methodology I developed over the past 30 years of teaching activity. This is in pdf format and can be freely downloaded and shared.



If you want to explore more, try some of the published ARTICLES.
These are in pdf format and can be freely downloaded.