Eco-Building On A Shoestring

This Intensive Workshop will lead people through the design+construction processes involved in
a) creating a new low-cost, low-impact eco-building, and
b) giving an existing building an eco-makeover


The LIVE teaching element will be supported with a visual presentation including slides and video illustrating completed and ongoing low-cost, eco-building projects.

Students will work from a comprehensive Handout which will support their ongoing work and students will be encouraged to support each other on an continuing basis.

The EconoSpace frame before closing in

The day will be structure into intense 45min. Sessions at, 9.30am; 10.30 & 11.30
At 12.30 there will be a Q&A and a debriefing for half an hour.
Students will be encouraged to bring light snacks to share at the 15min. breaks
Tea and coffee making facilities will available.

SPECIAL GUEST: Gerard Greene of Greene Natural Paints will lead a session on making and using Natural Paints

Lunch will be from 1-2.30pm

There will be 3 Sessions in the afternoon,
(2:30; 3:30 & 4:30) including a Q&A and debrief.
Wrap-up at 5.30pm, or thereabouts.

This Workshop will be held at The EcoVillage, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary

FEE: €80 [Concession €70] incl. lunch and comprehensive printed Handout

Limited places – secure your place with a €25 deposit

Lunch is served on the EconoSpace deck

The Programme

The programme will open with general introductions then quickly move on to the heart of the matter – Eco-Building On A Shoestring.

What does that mean, exactly? This is where we look at the architecture and at ourselves with a view to uncovering the similarities between both.

This will provide the context to explore the role of the house within the realm of economics and life in general.

From that perspective we can embark on the design process itself, our eyes firmly set the objective of Eco-Building On A Shoestring – whatever it is a person wishes to achieve: creating a low-cost building from scratch or doing a makeover on an existing one.

All of this activity will have our sheltermaker genes running at full tilt as we encourage our dreams to merge with reality. This will bring us up to lunchtime with a short debriefing session beforehand.

Lunchtime will allow participants to network with a view to sharing their sheltermaking ambitions – particularly planning on helping each other during the construction phase. There will also be an opportunity to explore Cloughjordan and The EcoVillage and to visit the Sheelagh-na-Gig Bookshop – where the Sheltermaker’s Manual will be available.

The afternoon sessions will explore various aspects of the construction process including a presentation on making and using Natural Paints by Gerard Greene of Greene Natural Paints.
There will also be Q&A and debrief sessions before wrapping things up a 6pm.

This is not a programme for the fainthearted! However, if you are serious about wanting to change your life this Workshop will appear as a blessing. That’s not to say we won’t have a laugh or two. There will be plenty of that, I can assure you, which will derive mainly from the relief you will feel when the secrets of sheltermaking are imparted to you.

Students will follow the programme from a comprehensive Handout.

FEE: €80 [concession €70] incl. lunch and comprehensive printed Handout

Limited places – secure your place with a €25 deposit