Alternatives to Fracking:


A presentation by Sheltermaker, Peter Cowman
‘A fundraiser for the Irish no fracking campaign’

Thursday March 21st 8.00pm
– with tea, biscuits and tunes to follow!
Community Centre, Leitrim Village

How does one approach the question of low-cost eco-building design and construction?
How can I avoid having a mortgage?
What are the realities of self-building?
What skills are needed?
Can one study and build at the same time?
What about planning issues?
How easy is it to make electricity?
These and many other questions will be answered in this presentation which will include illustrations of low-cost eco-buildings, including a green, low-impact sustainable shelter called The EconoSpace that can be made on a shoestring budget [from €5000 upwards!] in the average backyard without planning permission!

€5 suggested donation

An excellent opportunity to learn the secrets of Sheltermaking from the man who dreamed it all up in the first place – Peter Cowman.