An exploration of space, time & the architecture of selfhood

A stimulating, engaging & active exploration of personal space & time as experienced in the Here&Now offering unparalleled insight into the realms of purpose, identity and dream – essential elements within the contemporary desire to create healthy and affordable buildings within which one can discern and follow one’s unique life journey.

Inchicore Workshop participants display the sheltermaking mood!

Inchicore Workshop participants display the sheltermaking mood!

This event will appeal to those keen to experience how the dynamics of architecture and life impact on our sense of self, our identity, our memories, on the directions we choose in the living of our lives and on how these dynamics interact with the buildings and places we inhabit.

Interested in hosting an event such as this, or one of the other ones on offer in this Australia+NZ Tour?

REQUIREMENTS: Co-ordinating group or persons to handle local promotion, source venue, take bookings and assist at event. Promotional material will be provided by LAC in .pdf format for photocopying. Co-ordinating group or persons can attend event for free + be rewarded with agreed % of income.

VENUE: Space for 20+ persons … no seating required, timber floor preferable.

DURATION: 21⁄2 – 3 hours – evening, morning or afternoon (Venue set-up 1⁄2 hour; 1⁄2 hour intro and warm-up; 11⁄2 hour theatre activity; 1⁄2 hour unwind)

COST: As low as possible for participants … I need to cover my cost of travel to the venue, pay for food and accommodation plus I need an amount to pay for my time and for the knowledge I will be imparting. The cost of printing promotional material and the event Handout also needs to be recouped and repaid to co-ordinating group or persons. I am happy to couchsurf, stay with host family, etc. who can attend event for free. Final cost for participants can be discussed/agreed with co-ordinating group or persons. Participants can attend two or more events at a discount.