Sheltermaker Apr’13

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SHELTERMAKER TOUR MARCH 6th – April 9th 2013 The Sheltermaker Tour ended like it began – gently, bathed in a dream quality that was rich with inspiration. Events proceeded like clockwork, from the first gig to the last. There was a new openness in people that was evident from the beginning. I took full advantage of this! Invisible Architecture was a hot topic! I could tell immediately that my time away from Ireland had furnished me with a new forcefulness! Suddenly, I was a foreigner – I could say what I wanted and get away with it! ‘The most eye opening event...

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DOWNLOAD POSTER This hands-on workshop is a perfect introduction to eco-building design and construction. Based on the footprint of the garden ‘shed’, issues of planning, etc. are neatly sidestepped allowing you to just get on with the job of making and learning. How does one approach the question of low-cost eco-building design and construction? What are the realities of self-building? How can one work and self-build at the same time? What about planning issues? How easy is it to make one’s own electricity? These and many other questions will be answered in this...

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Nov’12 Sheltermaker

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21st Anniversary Republication of Be Your Own Architect Handbook! To coincide with the original publication of Be Your Own Architect 21 years ago, in 1992, Python Press is to republish both volumes of the Handbook including revisions, updates, photographs and a comprehensive Design Programme and supporting Worksheets. In many ways these books are more relevant today than ever! Both volumes will be available from March 2013 along with ‘SHELTERMAKER DREAMING – Reclaiming our Time & Space‘, my latest book which will offer stimulating insight into the role of...

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Equinox Sheltermaker 2012

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EQUINOX SHELTERMAKER Sept2012 INVISIBLE ARCHITECTURE On a recent visit to Adelaide I delivered my ‘Invisible Architecture’ presentation, probing the heart of what ‘architecture’ actually is. If we examine the dictionary definition of ‘architecture’ we discover … architecture |ˈärkiˌtekCHər| noun 1. the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings – the style in which a building is designed or constructed, esp. with regard to a specific period, place, or culture 2. the complex or carefully designed structure of...

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