Peter Cowman

Hi, I’m Peter Cowman.

I am an architect, eco-builder, writer and teacher based in Ireland. I have delivered talks, workshops and events on the subject of Living Architecture throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Students of my internet-based Course are located in all parts of the world.

I will be traveling through the west coast of the US from mid-September 2016 and would very much like to connect with people interested in the potential of a debt-free ‘living’ architecture to foster a way of being in the world that is based on the vitality of life.

Tiny House GigI can offer Talks, Workshops & Sheltermaker Theatre events on an ‘expenses only’ basis – the cost of getting to and staying at your location within the US essentially.

I have been teaching people how to design their own homes since 1989 through the Living Architecture Centre, my internet-based school of vernacular design. I have a bias in favour of natural, debt-free, adaptable design solutions that include space for work, food production and creativity.

I believe that there is an aspect of buildings which is generally ignored within the design process thereby disadvantaging people by blocking access to vital and liberating aspects of life. I refer to this quality of buildings as their ‘invisible architecture’.

My Sheltermaker’s Manual articulates and integrates this concept of an ‘invisible’ architecture within its original and proven design methodology which has evolved through interaction with students and their projects. On my website can be found ample material relating to all of this.

I am particularly keen to link up with self-build alternative communities, with not-for-profit organisations, with permaculture based projects, with minority groups and with those assisting the homeless, the disadvantaged and the less well off. All proposed events can be tailored to suit relevant needs and circumstances and I am happy to couchsurf and generally to fit in with whatever is going on.

I myself am seeking stimulating interaction with people working in a similar field to myself and with those interested in the ideas and potentialities of a ‘living’ architecture – what I prefer to call ‘sheltermaking’. This is a word I have coined myself to describe the evolving tradition of providing for one’s need of shelter independent of the limitations conventional economics impose on satisfying this vital living need.

The first roof truss is lifted into place on the nearby Gyreum EconoSpace LIVE Workshop

The first roof truss is lifted into place on the nearby Gyreum EconoSpace LIVE Workshop

If you would like to explore the possibility of hosting a visit by me or if you know of someone, or someplace, that might be interested in doing so, please get in touch with me directly or forward this document to the relevant party on my behalf.

Many thanks,

Peter Cowman BArch.
Director, Living Architecture Centre
February 10th 2016