‘Living Architecture’ articulates the idea that buildings are a reflection of people. When this realisation is introduced into the eco-building design+construction process it facilitates us getting in touch with what might best be described as ‘the dream of our life’ – in other words, who we are, where we are going and how we plan on getting there!

People and buildings reflect each other

The conscious design and construction of eco-buildings appropriate to the living of a conscious and integrated life – eco-living – provides context for the potentiality inherent in an individual’s life to be experienced, nurtured and assisted in developing. This aspect of architecture is generally overlooked because property, and the debts normally associated with it, have become the cornerstone of the prevailing economic system.

By articulating the vital link which exists between architecture and life the resulting synthesis of abstract and physical considerations has shown itself in practice to be an ideal means to address many of the demands of modern life, particularly how to live ‘sustainably’ and, most importantly, should one wish it, to live debt-free. It is also an easy and fun way of engaging with what are, in fact, the mysteries of life. How so? Because buildings are mostly made of space which is the stuff of the Universe! When we hive off a portion of this space (or properly-speaking this ‘spacetime’) it allows us to manage our connection to what in reality is a ‘scaled down’ Universe.


The design and construction of a personal dwelling place within which to experience eco-living – ‘the living of one’s architecture’ – I refer to as ‘sheltermaking