Tree Hugger

This is a test run of what might, or might not, be regular postings on the topics of Living Architecture and ecoLiving.

It seems that the times we are now living in are increasingly demanding what were formerly referred to as ‘alternatives’ – a slightly disparaging 70’s era blanket expression that included the types of people, the types of houses they lived in, the types of food they grew and ate and the types of ways in which they lived their lives.


Getting in place to hug a tree

I have been an alternative since the 70’s, though that dated term has now been superseded, when referring to people like me, by the equally disparaging term ‘Tree Hugger’.

My earth-sheltered, mortgage-free, off-grid dwelling place

I currently live in a handmade, earth sheltered, mortgage-free, off-grid eco-house, grow and store food for my own consumption, use EV’s (bicycle and shared use of an 11 year old Nissan LEAF) for getting around, use buses and trains for longer journeys, keep warm by burning wood and turf, make minimal use of fossil fuels (for generator; chain saw and whipper snipper – all used infrequently), scrupulously recycle, shop locally, avoid synthetic clothing, toxic chemicals, TV, processed food as well as social and mainstream media.

I am a fully qualified and true blue Tree Hugger.


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