Art of Sheltermaking

The Organic Centre, Co. Leitrim June 29-30 2024


Issues are arising during the preparations for this event, related to insurance cover. The consequences of this may impact the nature of the workshop, meaning, it may have to become a classroom based event. I will update the situation immediately as further information becomes avail to me.  A similar event to the one described below is planned for a venue near Fermoy, Co. Cork for August 17&18th. The insurance situation there has been reviewed and the green light to proceed is shining! This will be an event for Women only.  Sorry guys! 
This groundbreaking 2-day Workshop will lead participants through the design and construction techniques required for the creation of affordable, healthy and life enhancing natural buildings suited to their personal needs.
This modern evolution of the 10,000 year old vernacular tradition will focus on the creation of buildings suited to garden or forest settings that can be constructed without planning permission.
The workshop will be ‘hands on’ offering the opportunity to directly experience the living architecture process including participation in the making and construction of a timber frame, amongst other things.  
No previous experience is required to fully participate. 

Timber for the frames that will be central to this workshop have been harvested from the Organic Centre’s own land.




Architecture is composed of the 4 dimensions of the known world

The creation of permanent shelter is a defining characteristic of the evolutionary path we follow. We carry within us innate knowledge of this sheltermaking process, expressing this freely as children. 

Vernacular architecture traditions are incubators of human culture, which now, it is believed, is the driver of evolution. This path, interpreted as a sustainable green future, requires buildings that can provide appropriate context for this new way of life to be understood lived out. 

Hands-on sheltemaking

When creating a building it is purpose and intention that breathe life into it. When this is understood, for example by consciously and sensitively creating an eco-shelter suited to an aspect of your life, innate sheltermaking instincts are awakened and inform the path forward. 

This creative journey, characterised as it is by the harmonisation of head and heart, reveals the immense potentiality inherent in the sheltermaking process, providing, as it does, a fresh perspective on the very nature of being.

The 2-day programme will be based on Living Architecture principles, will utilise the Peter-Post framing system in conjunction with natural materials. 







Further details to follow