UPDATE Dec21 ’22: After much thought, speculation and careful consideration of how to proceed with my work, coupled with a very close look at the present state of the world, I have opted to base any new offerings regarding Living Architecture and ecoLiving to occasional posts (or, possibly voice recordings) based on my day-to-day experience of the eco-life. In particular I intend to focus on the invisible aspects of this way-of-life – how it has the potential to connect us to a deeper reality beyond the merely physical world.

As I am 70 years of age this year I am retired from ‘active service’. However most of my work has been recorded in reproducible form – books, articles, drawings, videos and so on – most of which are freely available now (or will shortly be) on this website for downloading and sharing.

Also, I hold myself available to committed individuals, particularly to those working in groups, who are developing designs within the ‘living architecture’ ethos.  Any such engagement would be conditional upon those individuals or groups having worked through the material available here on the website before any approach to me was made.

ARTICLES These published articles cover a wide range of subjects, are in .pdf format, and can be freely downloaded.

COURSE HANDOUTS  These Handouts were developed for numerous LIVE Courses and Workshops delivered over many years of teaching activity. They are in .pdf format and can be freely downloaded.      Index of Handout topics