A sheltermaker is a person who builds or assists in building a shelter.

Sheltermaking refers to the processes of design and construction involved in creating shelters, particularly shelters based on living architecture principles.

Sheltermaking AKA Living Architecture

The processes of design and construction involved in such sheltermaking comes under the general heading of living architecture, a blanket term which refers to the design and construction of all types of buildings.

There are numerous resources available on this website in respect of Sheltermaking & Living Architecture.

ARTICLES … these published articles cover a wide range of subjects, are in .pdf format, and can be freely downloaded and shared.

COURSE HANDOUTS … these Handouts were developed for numerous LIVE Courses and Workshops delivered over many years of teaching activity. They are in .pdf format and can be freely downloaded.      Index of Handout topics 

Peter-post frame erected and roofed over

The Art of Sheltermaking

The Organic Centre


Co. Leitrim

June 29/30th 2024

In this groundbreaking 2-day Workshop eco-architect Peter Cowman, director of the Living Architecture Centre, will lead participants through the design and construction techniques required for the creation of affordable, healthy and life enhancing natural buildings suited to their personal needs.
This modern evolution of the 10,000 year old vernacular tradition will focus on the creation of buildings suited to garden or forest settings that can be constructed without planning permission.
The workshop will be ‘hands on’ including the opportunity to gain construction experience.